What Color is Your Mailbox?

It has been a long while since I have added to my blog.  I thought that I would jump back in with something a little . . . silly.

This idea started when my sister told me someone’s car had collided with her mailbox, rendering it unusable.  When I asked what type of mailbox she would be replacing it with, of course she told me it would be the standard, home improvement store basic black on a stand.

Then I started thinking about all the expressive mailboxes I have seen in my day. You know what I am talking about-  remember traveling down a long stretch of rural highway when all of a sudden you see a mailbox that looks like this?

Or how about this one (which could be my husband’s) . . .

This one reminds me of my grandfather . . .

Avid supporter of the NRA, perhaps?

What do you think about this one?

This one is my personal favorite . . .

In some way, you have to admire the pensive thought and artistic creativity that these people put into designing their mailboxes. When you see one of these in someone’s front yard, one can’t help but  instantly develop a sense of the residents who live in the adjacent home. If you designed your own mailbox, what would it look like and what would it say about you?


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The Colors of White Ware

In my 11 years of living in Atlanta, I have never seen as much snow that blanketed our home two nights ago- a total of about six inches. In other parts of the country, this amount would be no big deal, but here in the South, we are simply not equipped for this event. I, therefore have been barricaded in my home since the first sight of a snowflake. I am so thankful to have heat  . . . and Internet access! The inspiration for my first blog post of 2011 comes from the all white view that I have been seeing for the last two days- white ware for your table settings.

I have had the same set of white dishes for the last 15 years and they are practically used on a daily basis. I even used these same dishes with different chargers underneath for our holiday parties.  White ware is so simple and practical, yet can be very elegant at the same time. It works with any color and can be easily found in so many different styles.

Fiesta dinner ware is known for it’s rainbow of colors. Why not white?


This Emma dinnerware from Pottery Barn is so classic with a fresh, yet homey feel that works as beautifully today as it could have in the 1950’s.

Can’t make up your mind? Try this Night and Day collection by Wedgewood that features a mix of checks and fluted designs.

For a more modern/contemporary look, go for this square plate in the Roulette Collection by Crate and Barrel.

Think you would like more of an Old World feel? Look at this beautiful French Cream collection by designer Gail Pittman.


My personal favorite is the latest from Pottery Barn’s Monogram Shop in simple or Italian White styles.


You could always add a little color to your white ware with a brilliant cobalt blue band. This is the Brasserie blue-banded collection from Williams-Sonoma.


Don’t be afraid to play and use your imagination with your choice of white ware. How many combinations can you come up with mixing and matching other place settings, chargers, fabrics and centerpieces?

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Outdoor side tables from Taybol

Loving these outdoor side tables from Taybol.  They are so pretty, you could use them indoors as well!

Check them out! www.taybol.com


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Bringing the Indoors Out for Cool-Weather Enjoyment

In the Southeast, we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy being outdoors for at least 9 months of the year. Some of my favorite memories involve mingling with friends on a screened porch while watching an intense rivalry football game. Or, sitting outside on Thanksgiving Day in the fall sun with my family while the turkey crackles in the fryer (yes, we true southerners fry that bird).

From fabrics to seating and accessories, there are so many products available today that it is quite possible to design and decorate your outdoor spaces as you would your indoor spaces. Just as a round dining table in your indoor dining space facilitates conversation, so does the curvilinear shape of the trendy, yet functional crescent sofas and loveseats that are so hot right now. Two collections that I really like for this type of seating are the Veranda and Casablanca Crescent Deep Seating Groups from the Castelle line of Pride Family Brands furniture. For an even cozier feel, why not go with one large outdoor sectional? Check out this sectional seating line from Foremost Groups that will cuddle you in comfort. The Westport collection from Uwharrie Chair Company looks classically superb in a creamy white finish when positioned in front of a traditional red brick wall. If you like the Adirondack look, take a peek at the Amish crafted faux wood products from Highwood USA. This material may be “faux” but it looks amazingly like the real thing and is a simple pleasure to maintain.

For added warmth, I love the idea of having some type of fire pit or fire place in your outdoor spaces. These fire pit tables from California Outdoor Concepts are amazingly versatile. They can be customized in size or color and you can change out the middle inserts from fire to a cooler or a BBQ grill that can feed all your friends and family. If this fire pit concept is a little too innovative for your taste, then an outdoor heater is certainly another smart option. I have to say that the beautiful lines of this Kindle Outdoor heater from Frontgate would definitely be a conversation starter at your cool-weather gatherings.

From a design perspective, I would be amiss if I did not remind you to add the finishing “pretty” touches to your outdoor space. An outdoor rug really pulls together your seating group and can add a finished feel to your space. Capel’s South Beach faux sisal rugs can be used in a covered outdoor space, are UV resistant and come bordered in several popular Sunbrella fabrics. Lighting is also important when you are entertaining outdoors because you don’t want to be caught in the dark as enjoyable conversations extend into the evening. For overall lighting, the Sunlight 180 solar-powered bright lamp by Byron Originals offers several mounting options. For an ambient light source, I love the Arbor LED cordless floor lamp from Woodard Furniture. It is solar-powered, comes with versatile settings and the limbed base will lend an organic and natural feel to your space.

The easiest way to customize and liven up your space is by incorporating any number of outdoor fabrics that are available now. Sunbrella has a fun, interactive search tool on their website to help you find and place your favorite fabric. I also love Betsy Drake’s watercolor line of indoor/outdoor pillows for a fun way to customize your seating.

With the right products, you can bring the indoors out and comfortably enjoy outdoor spaces with your friends and family year round. So grab a quilt and spend some quality time in the fresh air!


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Beautiful Color Palettes Just Ahead

Thank you Robert Ballew for keeping us up to date on what to look for in upcoming color trends.

Color Palette.

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Framing Vintage Hankies

I love the concept of framing fabric or vintage linens. Do you have a precious scarf or hankie that you don’t really know what to do with? Try these tips from Canadian House & Home.


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Ooohh La La Orange!

I love the pops of orangey hues that I am seeing all around us now! In fact, I am about to present this color palette to one of my clients for their fresh and updated “Tuscan” inspired living space.

Thank you for sharing this article, Kiki Titterrud!  Trend Tuesday: Yea! It’s this color!

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